Final welding project for AWS Level II

I was required to build a piece involving pipe and make my own blueprints after it was finished. I bit off waaaaaayyy more then my other classmates. I found this picture of a cast iron drafting table from the 1800s. I had no blueprints to work from. I just gave it a look and started building it in my mind... Scaffolding legs, gears from a differential, a 1" solid bar for a drive shaft. Here is my progress.
More February 11

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    Reference Photo (No Blueprints)
  • D083b5e7ff717a41d3a927500c74ae03
    Scaffolding Foot
  • 62d9fa99a62bade246e84338c5dae49d
    Front diff out of an S-10
  • Df11aaeb9094ad6bad0466f3884e80b9
    Made a special jig to keep gears true as I TIG welded them.
  • 913b42cee6920d923d668bae19adfe7f
    CAD file I designed for the tilt brackets.
  • 101fc1286831a2d605c587173750bca2
    Mechanically joined a piece of 8" channel as my crossbeam.
  • Ce3ba1af6058517038b2b2489d3f9ef2
    Had Zimmerman Metal laser cut them from 1/4" mild.
  • Dce74c2d30e0bef17fb2460b82683f1a
    Piece after I cut template shape with the plasma.
  • 6fa8b670b80d3352415904c39c21a7fb
    Pieced together scrap 1/4" then drew out my template.
  • 21149400c0096032ce34f0dfc8445690
    gears from diff, 1" SCH 40, and scaffolding legs.
  • B7e71f162137b3459f047302068e321a
    Both of the legs.
  • 8f4937419f1b179babf03c55ebe87c31
    Designed a rail system to keep scaffolding nuts from twisting.
  • B0d4e967a1f8319b2024da1f5543c840
    Angle iron, ratchet clamps (and patience) used to fit scaffolding legs.
  • 3190d9cc0e2a2b478792318d7bf6c608
    Outer pipe 3" SCH 40, inside elevating pipe 2.5" SCH 40.
  • 6e47bbb89728712fce711a2ae14057dd
    Rail travel is very smooth.