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  • Logistics Manager

    Brighton, CO


    Purpose of the Job


    This position is comprised of various tasks to support the smooth and efficient operation of supply chain processes such as:

    ·        Monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods;

    ·        Coordinating and controlling the order cycle and associated information systems;

    ·        Analyzing data to monitor performance and plan improvements and demand;

    ·        Allocating and managing staff resources according to changing needs;

    ·        Liaising and negotiating with customers and suppliers;

    ·        Developing business by gaining new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions.

    Knowledge and Experience


    Intimate knowledge of specialty chemicals marketplace with 5 years managerial experience.  This experience should reflect demonstrated knowledge of finance, strategy, people management and leadership skills.


    A Bachelors in Business is preferable with a sound understanding of the Special Chemicals Supply Chain base on which we base our businesses.  Experience in Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control is required.

    Principal Responsibilities

    ·        Manage Material Information Group in a manner to assure employees’ safety and group’s efficiency.

    ·        Manage Plant and DC Planners in a manner to assure employees’ safety and group’s effectiveness.

    ·        Use the forecast to maintain DRP plans and planning data for the 3PLs to assure high customer service while meeting inventory targets for the year.

    ·        Supervise monthly plant production plan process to support forecast customer and 3PL requirements.

    ·        Operate his/her area/function in accordance and awareness of Company Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policies.

    ·        Take immediate action to eliminate significant risk and to propose actions to eliminate non-conformances or deviations.

    ·        Ensure that individual responsibilities within the unit/function are clearly documented and communicated.

    ·        Ensure his/her employees are appropriately qualified and have sufficient resources and skills to fulfill their responsibilities.

    ·        Routinely report on relevant EHS performance metrics for his/her subordinates.

    ·        Take an active role in training all employees and conducting routine awareness programs in his/her area of responsibility in the EHS requirements and policies to ensure that all employees are adequately trained for their function.

    ·        Must understand and follow all quality initiatives and processes for ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and other ISO regulations, procedures and processes as they pertain to job responsibilities.


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