Primary Function

Control and oversee a new construction job from start to finish with budget, efficiency, and quality in mind without direct supervision.


  • Required Skills
    • Must be able to handle heavy work load with interruptions, be able to work under pressure, strong communication skills, basic knowledge of hand tools, ability to read a tape measure, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of the plumbing industry, general construction knowledge, able to read construction documents, and know where to find code information.
  • Educational
    • None
  • Special Credentials
    • Active Journeyman Plumber License
    • Driver’s License Preferred and May Be Required
  • Years Experience
    • 4+ Years in both Residential and Commercial Plumbing Applications preferred
  • Physical
    • Be able to stand long periods, ability to lift 100 lbs, ability to climb ladders, crawl in tight spaces, and ability to work outdoors.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Coordinate All Facets of Installation
    • Able to complete highly technical installations.
    • Direct a job-site crew.
    • Translate construction documents from paper to actual installation.
    • Visualize installations.
    • Be aware of budget and job-costing on jobs.
    • Communicate and coordinate with general contractor or owner.
    • Communicate and coordinate with other trades.
    • Pre-plan materials and equipment on the job.
    • Refer change orders and RFIs to the appropriate personnel.
    • Keep project on schedule.
    • Install equipment and materials per code.
    • Attend job-site meetings
    • High quality of workmanship on the job.
  • Coordinate with Internal Personnel to Meet Job Requirements
  • Make Decisions Using Own Judgment
  • Train all Positions Below
  • Order Supplies With Manager Approval
  • Ensure a Safe Working Environment.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Keep Truck Clean and Organized
  • Keep Job Site Clean and Organized
  • Ensure all Company Assets are Securely Locked and Accounted For