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Come join a growing industry of road construction.  At Flaggers Inc, you will receive a 2-year certification and training as a flagger.  Learn the methods used in controlling traffic for road construction, infrastructure and special events.  Enjoy the freedom of working outside and being an integral part of keeping the motoring public, pedestrians and work crew safe. We supply flaggers to locations all over the state of Colorado and transportation to jobsites is a requirement.  We are felon friendly on a case by case situation.

Job Description

A Flagger is responsible for stopping, slowing and releasing traffic along roads and highways to keep traffic flowing through a construction zone. Flaggers may put out traffic cones with supervisor guidence and use signs and hand signals to communicate with motorists.


This is a physical job and requires some lifting and ability to move quickly.


We hire employees and are not a day labor company.  Our rate of pay is much higher than most in the industry. We offer free certifications as well as in-depth training that goes above and beyond industry standards and practices.

Rates of pay vary from $10 to $12.60 depending on the jobsite.  Flaggers will never make less than $10 an hour and may make different rates on different days.