Containment Workers (Oil and Gas Industry)

Greeley, CO posted on June 25

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    We are now accepting applicants for Containment Workers with experience in the oil and gas industry.  
  • Containment Worker applicants with CDL, Safe land, H2S Training or additional training in the oil and gas industry will be given extra preference.
Job Duties:
  • Containment Workers are responsible for loading, unloading, installing and removing various types of environmental containment products used in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Position Requirements:
  • Must have a valid state issued drivers license
  • Must have additional forms of ID (s) for employment
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen
  • Must be willing to submit to a case by case background check (Criminal convictions in the past 7 years)
  • Must be willing to work required shifts (10 On/2 Off)
Preferred Experience:
  • Fresh Water Impoundments Rain Covers, Ponds, Various Liners, Water Storage Tanks (Above/Underground), HDPE, LLDPE and Polyurea, Oil, Gas, Coal, Power Plants
An Equal Opportunity Employer Please follow the online Job Application Link Below: