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    HIRING: Apprentice Plumber in Aurora, Colorado


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    CLP is currently hiring Apprentice Plumbers for long term work in the Aurora, Colorado area.


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    Apprentice Plumber Job Description

    •     Unloading and brings materials to the jobsite

    •     Assisting with the installation of pipe and fittings for copper, cast iron and pvc/cpvc pipes, and drain, sewer and gas lines

    •     Using hand tools and cutters to cut pip to desired lengths

    •     Using electric and hand threaders to thread pipe

    •     Installing fittings and components above and in ground


    Job Requirements

    •     Familiarity with building codes

    •     Two plus years’ prior experience in replacing waste lines

    •     Prior experience in replacing PEX pipe

    •     Must pass pre-employment drug test

    •     Reliable transportation

    •     Two Valid forms of ID

    •     Tools of your trade

    •     Verifiable references


    Ideal Candidates

    •     Committed to safety at all times

    •     Reliable attendance 

  • Wage