Accounts Recievable/ Billing

Englewood, CO posted on April 6


Position Description Summary:


The basic function of the accounts receivable/CAP administrator is to prioritize, and account for all customer account information and assure the accurate accounting of revenues and cash.  Focus on accurate daily balancing of cash, checks, credit card vouchers and sales information with reporting being formatted according to established accounting procedures.   In addition, the accounts receivable/CAP administrator is responsible for the administration of the CAP program, including monthly collections, mailers, monthly special etc.  The accounts receivable/CAP administrator follows company training to assure prompt and accurate posting of all accounts receivables and collections.  


Position Qualifications:


The accounts receivable/CAP administrator must be goal oriented self- starting, and energetic.  This individual must be willing to pursue and actually participate in continuing education and must be an active supporter of company policies.    


This position requires the individual to be aware of and understand the company Mission Statement and be able to give a general outline if asked by customers or supervisor.




To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to complete all areas outlined for this position in a satisfactory manner.  Listed below is a representation of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities necessary to meet the minimum job requirements.


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.




Required:  A high school diploma or equivalent with college level coursework desired.




A minimum of one year of experience in a service, home repair or construction environment and at least one year of accounting experience is required.




No specific licensing at this time. 






Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:


Must be confident in his/her abilities.  Must believe in him/her self and the company.  Must believe in the company Mission Statement and the Supervisor’s work must reflect this belief.  Must be familiar with the plumbing and HVAC and electrical business and be able to speak to company product lines with some degree of accuracy.  Must be able to work with co-workers to get the job done correctly and in the best interest of our customers, while abiding by company policies. Must have pleasant demeanor and be able to demonstrate good customer empathy.




The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


Body Positions:


Regularly requires sitting, walking, bending, and lifting for prolonged periods of time.


Body Movements:


The employee must have a full range of body movements including the use of hands feet and fingers to handle or feel objects and must be capable of bending, reaching, and crouching.  Able to handle or feel objects and use equipment.


Body Senses:


Must have command of all five senses sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.  Specific vision abilities required include close vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust and focus.  Must hear and speak well enough to conduct business over the telephone or face to face for long periods of time.




Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds.




Must be able to read and write English well enough to read and process invoices, service history, time sheets, chart of accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, checks, reconciliation reports and proposals.  Must be able to utilize phone, phone pager, intercom, computer, fax, email, copier, printer and other office equipment at a high expertise level.  Must be capable of applying sound business judgement to all decisions.








Working Conditions:


This position will require working indoors. The employee may be called upon to be in customer or service production sites on an as need to basis. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.


Typical workweek is eight (8) to ten (10) hour workdays five (5) days per week with possibility of weekend work, as well as early and/or late weekday meetings with customers, vendors and staff personnel as needed. 


This position deals with aggressive personalities in a highly competitive industry and will be stressful.


The accounts receivable/CAP administrator must maintain a close working relationship with other members of the staff.




The position is accountable to the Director of Operations or designee for all aspects of his/her job.  The accounts receivable/CAP administrator must meet or exceed company minimums set for various incentive programs if in place.


Performance Evaluation:


The Director of Operations or designee will make written evaluations on an annual basis for this position and meet to discuss with the accounts receivable/CAP administrator.  The purpose of this will be two-fold; one, to give a fair evaluation and representation of the overall performance he/she is doing and two, give positive feedback and assist in improving this position.  The evaluation will be provided in writing for review for the billing administrator.


Responsibilities Duties and Standards of Performance:


The responsibilities, duties and standards of the accounts receivable/CAP administrator position consist of, but are not limited to, the following.


  • Achieve and maintain an acceptable efficiency rating.


  • Achieve service goals as established by the Director of Operations.


  • Follow through on all calls, callbacks and support requests.


  • Complete all paperwork in a timely manner, example – customer account information and service history information.


  • Accurately report all cash balance, sales information customer invoicing and statements, balance sheet data.


  • Always be prepared to start each day, with all necessary supplies.


  • Document customer calls accurately and in a timely manner.


  • Attend and participate in all meetings, training and coaching.


  • Keep up to date with all products offered by the company.


  • Cooperate with all departments and personnel.


  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


  • Maintain all company equipment and address routine cleaning and maintenance regularly.


  • Maintain the appearance of Company property with high standards at all times.


  • Maintain all regular maintenance items for Company equipment such as computer and phone system.


  • Maintain adequate stock in work area.


  • Keep up to date with Policy and Procedures Manuel and all changes.


  • Always work in a safe manner.


  • Performs daily credit card re-entry process


  • Helps Reconcile Accounts Payable by 1st, 10th and 20th of each month.


  • Verifies Insurance certificates for any subcontractors.


  • Maintain customer files, such as correct address, phone etc. from job tickets.


  • Maintain accounts receivable to a maximum of 60 days.


  • Prepare reports for management: including but not limited to A/R Aging, etc.


  • Report all unsafe conditions to your Supervisor.


  • Abide by and follow purchasing policy for material and supplies.


  • Perform any other duties assigned by your Supervisors or Management personnel.


  • Maintain your assigned common area to listed standards.  Utilize checklist to assure quality control.


  • Make best use of time.  Use down time to clean common area.


  • Be a self-starter, don’t wait for someone else to offer opportunities, ask for them, example – training videos and books.


  • Recognize and perform tasks that need to be completed, even if not assigned, assist others when possible.


  • Do not abuse personal time off.


  • Prepare sales for proper performance and productivity tracking and management of Technicians and Installers.


  • Offer suggestions and be proactive in creating ways to save the company money and be more efficient.


  • Prepare documents and reports and work closely with the Director of Operations.